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Cyber Security

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Securing today’s distributed organization is difficult and costly. Exponential growth in remote work and data results in a greatly expanded attack surface and more exposure. Cloud and hybrid environments introduce additional complexity. Meanwhile opportunistic and determined threat actors are constantly finding new ways to breach defenses. Technology alone is not enough.


Every company has a digital history: emails, comments, photos and much more, all of which can potentially be used by cybercriminals against third parties, undermining the reputation of the corporate concerned. Monitoring any misuse of company information that you have decided to make public, perhaps as part of marketing campaigns, becomes essential, to uncover any defamation campaigns that may have been underway for some time by unfair competitors, and more.


How prepared is your company for social engineering attacks?
Phishing and digital fraud are becoming an increasingly phishing and digital scams have become an increasingly complex scourge to detect and treat, and now affect more than 90% of professionals and companies.
Phishing, in particular, is also the biggest vehicle for malware and ransomware attacks. The SE test allows you to assess the penetration of different types of phishing campaigns and build up appropriate training to avoid falling for them.


An ad hoc training created for those who need to know the nature and The course teaches non-technical staff how to use all work and non work tools correctly and how to limit the daily risks of hacking. The course therefore teaches non-technical personnel how to use every working tool, and not, of daily use in the correct way and to limit the daily risks of violation.


How exposed are you to an attack by cybercriminals? The VA allows you to understand whether your network, website and any online business presence is safe from known threats.


The penetration test not only checks for known threats, but also performs a predictive and in-depth test of the actual security of networks, websites, mobile applications and custom-built PC applications.


Safeguarding one’s reputation and image in the offline world is also and above all a matter of safeguarding these same values in the online world (today we should add, “Metaverse”), through constant monitoring of our devices. Many famous people request this service to protect their privacy, through a mix of security analysis and digital anonymization.

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