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The business world is at a standstill,
mainly due to an IT backlog.

The 2021 Clusit Report, an authoritative source in the field of security, showed us how cyber attacks increased by 29% in 2020, and even grew exponentially in 2021: «The dramatic growth of losses resulting from this situation of digital Wild West, estimated at 1 trillion dollars for 2020 and 6 trillion for 2021».

Transportation / Storage

With cyber threats are now a significant challenge for all types of transportation companies, a security strategy that incorporates the best of human and machine intelligence can help to mitigate the many risks.fa-tr

Professional, Scientific, Technical

Organisations in every industry sector use technology to improve efficiency and drive innovation and profitability, but the sheer pace of change can often lead to serious security considerations being

News & Multimedia

As a digital-centric industry, the media is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, making it essential to work with a partner with proven expertise in the security sector.

Wholesale / Retail

As cyber-attacks on retailers increase, it is vital for companies operating in this sector to take a proactive and informed approach towards protecting themselves and their customers.


The manufacturing sector is highly vulnerable to cybercrime, but the right support can help to significantly reduce the risk of attacks disrupting critical business operations.fa

Energy / Utilities

The energy sector is a an attractive target of cybercriminals, so ensuring that high quality processes and systems are in place is essential.fa-e


To avoid a potentially devastating impact on public services and state security, local and central government must ensure that they have the right cyber security controls and procedures in place.


With many healthcare providers falling victim to cyber attacks, it is essential to take action to protect health records, detect and respond to the latest threats and prevent the disruption of critical health services.

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